Category: Multi-Channel Marketing

Why you need to tell a story with your multi-channel marketing

On April 30, 2018
Multi-channel marketing isn't the easiest thing to achieve given the limited resources many teams to have to work with. However, it doesn't have to be as exhaustive as it sounds. By utilising storytelling, you can deliver a consistent channel-agnostic message that builds authenticity and trust.

3 ways to measure your direct mail campaign’s success

On February 7, 2018
Many see direct mail as much harder to measure results for than its digital counterpart, despite the fact that direct mail is shown to be a very effective means of winning conversions. Here are three tips for marketers to measure their direct mail campaigns.

What does direct mail do to your brain?

On January 29, 2018
Several studies have been released which suggest direct mail is much more effective than digital media for audience engagement time, brand recall and ultimately decision to purchase. Here's what the studies say and how you can use the information to your own advantage.

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