Living in the moment: Get your audience’s attention with moment-based marketing

On May 30, 2017

Successful marketing is as much about 'when' as it is 'what' or 'who'. Getting your message in front of your audience at the right time, in the right context, can make a noticeable difference to how effective it is. How does this idea of moment-based marketing relate to email campaigns, and how can The Prospect Shop help you take advantage of it?

What is moment-based marketing?

This marketing approach is about taking advantage of brief opportunities to grab people's attention. The New York Times describes it as a method that focuses less on the format of the ad, and more on getting it in front of people just when they need to see it to get the most engagement.

For a powerful example of moment-based marketing, check out this tweet from Oreo:

When the power went out during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo seized their moment for a clever, contextual piece of marketing. The results are clear in the thousands of retweets and hugely positive response it received.

How it can be applied to email marketing?

While moment-based marketing is predominantly focused on online advertisements and in-app advertising, the concept lends itself easily to email marketing. By making your emails relevant to what's going on when your potential customers read them, you make your message that much more engaging and personalised. 

When we talk about making your emails relevant to the moment, this can either be a real-time current even (like the Oreo tweet), or it can be a moment that is specific to the reader. 

Understanding your audience's situation, in the precise moment or in life, can help your marketing hit the mark.
Understanding your audience's situation, in the precise moment or in life, can help your marketing hit the mark.

In a 2015 report on mobile network marketing, Deloitte gives the example of motherhood as a significant period of change that can be targeted for moment-based advertising. According to Deloitte's survey data, mothers seem to be more likely to change network provider than non-mothers, and mothers of young children (aged ten or under) are more likely to change mobile providers than those with older children. This suggests that a mobile company that targeted women in this moment of life may have a better chance at grabbing new customers. 

Email marketing that targets a specific demographic with a campaign that relates to their current moment in life will have a better chance of engaging their interest, potentially leading to a conversion. To do this, you need to know two things: what life moment you want people to be in when they receive your message, and how to reach people that are currently at that point in their lives.

A tailored mailing list like those provided by The Prospect Shop lets you send your message directly to those who are ready to hear it. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you connect when the moment's right.

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