How to write emails that won’t land in the spam folder

On November 22, 2017

You know from your own inbox just how many emails you receive everyday, and how many of them get dismissed immediately – think of all the newsletters and promotions you delete without giving them more than a skim. How can you make sure that doesn't happen to the B2C emails you send?

If you're going to interrupt someone's day with an email, you'd better make reading it worth their while.

Quality counts

If you're going to interrupt someone's day with an email, you'd better make reading it worth their while.

Quality copy is key, says Lindsay Kolowich of HubSpot. It's critical to get your subject lines and opening sentences right. If the introduction doesn't appeal to the reader then they're not going to bother with the rest of your email. 

Beyond that, a combination of punchy writing and interesting visuals will keep readers engaged to the end. And make sure your CTA is clear – otherwise what's the point?

The quality of your introduction will determine if people read past it.
Marketing emails need to start strong if you're going to engage your readers.

Be relevant and specific

Your marketing emails can't just be about benefiting you. They have to offer the reader something valuable as well. But what's valuable to one reader won't be worth everyone's time.

Kate Kiefer Lee, a content strategist at MailChimp, suggests dividing your mailing list into categories. Returning customers, new prospects and business partners all have different relationships with your business. Trying to write a single email that gives everyone what they want ensures that you're giving them all something they don't want as well. Better to take the time to tailor separate emails to each group's individual requirements, rather than create some kind of Frankenstein's monster of a mailer.

Similarly, if your business offers several different services or types of products, you may want to have separate mailing lists for people who are interested in each. This will let people get the information they want from you without being bombarded with emails that they see as irrelevant or intrusive.

Open and click rates for transactional emails are two to five times greater than the average for bulk emails.

Don't neglect transactional emails

Don't limit your email marketing to cold-call pitches. Receipts, order confirmations, and shipping updates all offer opportunities to continue engagement and push your brand's message.

Transactional emails have higher open and click rates than bulk emails. But according to Kevin George, Head of Marketing at EmailMonks, only 40 percent of marketers are taking advantage of them. People want to read these emails because they have useful information, so make the most of that by including a sales message as well. Don't go overboard though – being too pushy towards customers who are already in the sales process lands you back in spam territory.

Here at The Prospect Shop we understand the importance of top quality copy and relevant, specialised mailing list. Get in touch if you'd like to know more about how you can make your email marketing connect with your customers.

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