How to engage millennials with email marketing

On October 31, 2016

Email is still fertile ground for marketing to millennials. In fact, an Adobe Campaign team found that millennials are more likely to check email outside of normal work hours. Considering the importance of email for millennials, it's worth it to find out how to make the content engaging for them. 


Personalization is one of the best practises in email marketing targeted at millennials. Harvard Business Review writes that millennials expect more personalisation in communications than any other age group. 

Millennials want brands to value them as individuals.

Schneider Associates and The Pollack PR Marketing Group observed focus groups and found that millennials want brands to value them as individuals rather than just another name on an email list. Growing up in a time when companies can track individual's preferences with big data, they have more of an expectation that your company will do the same. The Prospect Shop can provide database lists that target millennials based on their preferences shared on social media, for example.

Since millennials anticipate more personalisation, to differentiate yourself as a company, your emails need to be aimed at the individual more than the billions of other consumer emails sent in that day.  

Make it visual

Excite millennials with content. They're constantly flooded with different content from multiple platforms and their eyes are used to scanning through text, video and photos to see what looks most interesting to them. Therefore, brands need to work harder to catch their attention and one of the best ways to do this is with visuals.

In a Most Memorable New Product survey, millennials said that YouTube is where they would first turn to learn about products. So, using video presents a particular advantage. 

Millennials are more responsive to visuals than text emails.
Millennials are more responsive to visuals than text emails.

Emojis in email marketing are also fair game when it comes to getting the attention of millennials. Consider Domino's Pizza that launched a successful marketing campaign in 2015 that involved getting people to tweet pizza emojis for a 40 minute delivery. Dominos in part attributes their estimated $4.7 billion annual increase in global digital sales to this campaign.

Brands should lean on visuals more and text less when communicating with millennials. However, this doesn't mean sacrificing the quality for appearance. High quality personalisation is key for targeting millennials. Contact The Prospect Shop today to get lists of email addresses that your organisation can use to support a marketing campaign specifically aimed at reaching millennials. 

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