For email marketers, the rise of the mobile device has changed the game

On March 21, 2017

For as long as email has been around, companies have been using it to some extent as a means of pursuing their marketing goals. Relying on email marketing makes intuitive sense – it's fast, easy and works as a convenient way to reach out the consumers directly.

Email marketing is getting more challenging as we speak. The problem is the rise of the mobile device.

Having said that, email marketing is getting significantly more challenging as we speak. The problem is the rise of the mobile device. As people start to rely less on their old desktop computers and more on smartphones and tablets, their email consumption habits change. Mobile users expect everything to be quick and easy – they're interested less in depth and more in fast results.

This means your business needs a new email strategy that adjusts for the new paradigm. When you're writing to mobile users, a bland or uninteresting email can easily be deleted within seconds. You want to avoid that trap, get your messages read and beat the odds to build strong customer relationships.

Adapting to the mobile experience

A lot of companies are finding it tough these days to change their ways when it comes to B2C email marketing. If you've been emailing customers in a certain way for over a decade, changing your style might not come naturally. According to Marketing Cloud, however, it's necessary. Between 40 and 60 per cent of consumers today are reading their email on smartphones today in various markets across US, Canada, Australia and Europe. If you don't adapt to this, you risk losing a massive portion of your customer base.

Bryan Wade, Senior Vice President of Content Marketing at ExactTarget, told Marketing Cloud that companies are going to lose competitive ground if they don't make their emails more responsive to mobile users. This means writing quick, concise messages that are easy to see on small screens, without excessive visual elements that won't display well.

Paying attention to customer feedback will be crucial as companies shape their new email marketing strategies. Mobile technology evolves quickly, so marketers will need to be ready to adapt time and time again as their readers' habits change.

Writing compelling email copy

Adhering to email marketing best practices is more important now than ever. Because people work so quickly on their mobile devices, boring someone for just one second might be enough to lose a potential customer.

People work quickly when navigating their mobile inboxes.
People work quickly when navigating their mobile inboxes.

For this reason, Econsultancy emphasised that the first line of an email message is crucial, since that will show up in a brief thumbnail on a user's mobile inbox screen. If your message begins with "Hi!" (too unoriginal) or "My name is…" (redundant, since the "from" field already says that), you're sure to lose people's interest.

There's no magic ingredient that's guaranteed to generate email engagement – it depends on your business. What are the keywords people search for to find you? What are the specific pain points they're trying to address? Once you've identified the things people are looking for, get right to the point and address them.

Contacting the right leads to begin with

Having a dynamic strategy for email marketing is important, but what's even more crucial is beginning your new marketing campaign from the right starting point. Are you contacting the right people?

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