Engage on the go: How mobile optimisation can save your email campaigns

On January 8, 2018

The tide is turning. Mobile phones are increasingly the preferred medium for reading emails, with Litmus Software finding that nearly half (48 per cent) of emails are now opened on mobile devices. This makes it essential that marketers optimise their emails for mobile devices – in fact, 89 per cent of email marketers are losing leads because they don't make emails mobile-friendly, Hubspot reports. 

Optimising your emails for mobile phones involves putting yourself in the user's shoes. What are the best ways you can make your emails mobile-friendly?

1) Increase the size of links and buttons

A person's finger is much wider than the cursor of a mouse. This means anything you might want them to click on in your email must be wider too. Apple's iPhone Human Interface Guidelines recommends a minimum target size for a button or link of 44 pixels by 44 pixels. They must also be located sufficiently far from each other to avoid the user accidentally pressing the wrong link.

It's important to make your links and buttons at least 44x44 pixels in order to make it easier for people using their thumbs or fingers.
A mouse cursor is much narrower than a finger or thumb, meaning you should make your links and buttons wider for mobile.

2) Reduce the size of images

Conversions are reduced by 7 per cent for every one second delay in loading.

Conversions are reduced by 7 per cent for every one second delay in loading, a whitepaper by Gomez reports. Images in particular can take a long time to load, however they are absolutely essential in creating an eye-catching email campaign. The solution? Reduce the file sizes of your images – there are even apps you can use that will reduce the file size of your image without reducing the quality.

It's also a good idea to resize the images so they display on the screen better. You can alter the style portion of the code in the HTML editor so that images are defined by proportion of the screen and not by pixels. 

Images should be small enough that they fit on the screen and load quickly.
Be sure to resize images so they load quickly and fit on the screen.

3) Be concise

It's much more effort to scroll for a long time on a phone than it is with a mouse. This means you should place all the important information and attention grabbing design elements at the top of the email. Make headings and subject lines short – too many characters and they won't fit on the phone screen. Use a single column layout that means readers only have to scroll up and down not left and right. 

Mobile technology isn't going away, and it's important email marketers get their head around mobile optimisation as quickly as possible. It's not worth losing conversions over something that is easy to fix.

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