Are you using mobile apps to broaden your company’s B2C appeal?

On April 11, 2017

Marketing to consumers is all about meeting them on the right channels. Where is your target audience easiest to find?

According to the Pew Research Center, 77 per cent of people in Australia today own a smartphone.

A generation ago, the answer might have involved advertising in more traditional places like print and broadcast media. A well-timed commercial may well have been the best way to reel people in. Now, though, times are changing. According to the Pew Research Center, 77 per cent of people in Australia today own a smartphone, and if you look at people aged 18 to 34 specifically, that figure increases to 95 per cent. If you want to meet new customers in today's climate, you've got to think mobile.

How have apps become so valuable for B2C marketing? And with this in mind, what are the best strategies for using them? These are vital questions to explore in 2017.

How mobile apps can add value

It should come as no surprise that mobile apps have carved out a role for themselves in B2C marketing – if you take a look around, it's clear that they've already become prominent in a wide variety of business applications.

According to Business Queensland, companies today are regularly using apps to add value to the services they offer. For example, a delivery service can offer an app to let customers track their products, or a bank can provide an app that makes customer service easier. Anything that helps the customer save time or get more use out of a product is something that will add value to their lives.

When designing apps today, companies often think in terms of pain points. What problems are my customers experiencing, and how can a new app help to solve them? For example, if you run a wedding planning business, the planning process is difficult because there are numerous things to schedule and coordinate. A calendar app can help simplify matters. Whatever trouble your users have, an app should help address it.

Using apps to refine your brand message

You might understand in broad strokes how apps can be useful for the modern business – but what about for marketing specifically? As for that question, the latest trend has been that companies use mobile platforms for reinforcing their brand's strategic messaging.

Mobile apps are useful for a wide range of business functions.
Mobile apps are useful for a wide range of business functions.

Marketing guru Neil Patel tends to recommend that businesses use mobile platforms for rebranding their content and presenting it in a format that's easy to view and engage with. For example, you might have extensive articles and blog posts on your website – if you can distil the most important points and put them into simple, mobile friendly formats, you can create content that's concise and engaging for smartphone and tablet users.

The beauty of this process – and the reason it's often far more effective than B2C email marketing – is that mobile makes it easy to have a more specific local focus. If you're trying to appeal to people in a certain town or neighborhood, you can use mobile technology to zoom in and go after precisely the target audience you're looking for.

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