3 ways to prepare your marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day

On February 16, 2016

Effective marketing involves keeping up with the innumerable trends, topics and developments securing the attention of people across Australia. Whether it's the latest season of Game of Thrones, a new social media network or an updated iPhone, businesses that capitalise on consumer excitement consequently make their own content much more appealing. 

Cynics may see it as a celebration of consumerism, but Australians love Valentine's Day.

The latest event occupying the minds of Australians is Valentine's Day. While the cynics among us may see it as a celebration of consumerism rather than love, a number of research reports show the dominant view is one of growing enthusiasm. 

Valentine's Day can put a lot of pressure on couples looking to find the perfect gift for one another, or single people looking to woo a prospective date. Why not make the process easier by using a mailing list to distribute two-for-one vouchers, special couple's prices or other one-off Valentine's Day specials?

Australians looking to impress on Valentine's Day

As it turns out, Australians are a rather romantic bunch, with research company IBISWorld finding that bog-standard gifts aren't good enough for lovebirds nationwide. 

The organisation revealed that a simple card and box of chocolates isn't cutting it anymore. While no one's disputing the effectiveness of such a classic combination, IBISWorld noted that many Australians are turning their attention to premium gifts instead, pushing the average spending up to $86. 

IBISWorld General Manager for Australia Karen Dobie had some advice for what constitutes a premium gift. For businesses looking to run a Valentine's Day competition or supply themed gifts to their customers, the insights are especially useful. 

"For those unable to splurge on a romantic getaway or dinner at a hatted restaurant, there will be opportunities to go the extra mile by purchasing premium chocolates and a dozen red roses rather than a mixed bouquet from the local servo."

Have you got a gift picked out yet?
Have you got a gift picked out yet?

What do people search for on Valentine's Day?

Of course, there's a digital element to Valentine's Day as well, and businesses preparing social media accounts or B2C email marketing need to prepare accordingly. Google prepared an infographic detailing the many different search trends characterising internet use in the lead up to Valentine's Day. Businesses who get to their customers first with a well-timed marketing email could capture their attention before their searching sees them head elsewhere. 

According to Google, many people are still searching for gift ideas the day before Valentine's Day, with the majority of people using mobile platforms for these last-minute searches. Yet again, these statistics reveal the importance of distributing mobile-friendly marketing emails and content. 

Another interesting development unearthed by the team at Google is that men across the world may just be a little more organised than their female counterparts. In 2014, there were three times as many searches for the term "gifts for boyfriend" than there were for "gifts for girlfriend". Do guys have their act together or are they simply winging it?

Either way, Google's discovery is an important one for businesses in the B2C sector. For some businesses, sending a marketing email divided into sections listing gifts for either sex could make someone's Valentine's Day gift search much easier, and secure faithful customer in the process. 

Consumers are turning to their smartphone for gift ideas?
Consumers are turning to their smartphone for gift ideas?

Can marketing emails help?

Website analytics provider Ve Interactive analysed how online shoppers' behaviour changes during the lead up to Valentine's Day, and what that means for organisations operating in the retail space. 

According to the firm, retail sites that offer an onsite 'buy now' prompt increased conversion rates by up to 28 per cent. On top of this, follow-up emails that carried on the Valentine's Day theme had an open rate of almost one-third, greatly broadening the lead generation process and keeping the initial conversation open. 

Ultimately, effective marketing is all about reacting to seasonal trends and getting your customers involving. Contact The Prospect Shop today to find out how the team can help. 

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