3 trends that will define marketing in 2016

On December 10, 2015

Marketing techniques have always evolved with the times, but it seems the past few years have seen even more rapid change than ever. The freedom offered by better wireless internet has resulted in consumers engaging with content any time and any place. On top of this, new social networks have emerged and some established trends have continued to remain relevant. 

Businesses looking to communicate with prospective clients and customers with mailing lists need to be aware of the wider trends that will change marketing in 2016 as well. The rise of omnichannel marketing means organisations need to consider a range of different platforms and adjust their strategy accordingly. 

Here are three trends likely to change the way organisations promote their products and services in 2016. 

1. Consumers will spend even more online

Few organisations reviewing their B2C marketing procedures will be unaware of the way online shopping has changed how they sell their products. Now more than ever, consumers are comfortable researching and buying goods without leaving the comfort of their couch.

More than half a million Australians shop online each month.

Roy Morgan Research investigated the way these trends are shaping the B2C market in Australia, finding that people will buy almost anything online if they have the opportunity, from event tickets to their weekly groceries. 

According to the organisation, 600,000 Australians head online to buy products each month, with 20 per cent of these stating they will only buy from local companies. CEO Michele Levine said the digital space is about more than just sales, and businesses need to ensure they are adequately providing for consumers. 

"The internet isn't just a sales channel; it's often the way we do a bit of pre-purchase planning via computer, mobile or tablet instead of visiting stores," she explained. 

2. Emails will be packed with content

Consumers are overwhelmed with information, with a range of social media applications all competing for their attention. According to Social Media News, Facebook is still the leading platform, with 14,000,000 users across Australia per month. However, this doesn't mean marketers can focus all their efforts here, as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube also have millions of active users nationwide. 

Email marketing can be used as a hub for all this information, allowing organisations to link to various social media pages and online stores and embed YouTube and Instagram content to prompt further engagement. 

The Content Marketing Institute's report on digital marketing in Australia found that these trends in particular are likely to continue in 2016. The organisation found that businesses are using 17 per cent more social media and video content when promoting themselves, with Instagram use in particular growing by 14 per cent.

According to the report, 84 per cent of Australian businesses are focussed on creating more engaging content for their audiences in 2016. As demand for this type content continues to grow, direct mailing lists could be the key to making sure it is seen by the right people. 

Consumers head online at any opportunity.
Consumers head online at any opportunity.

3. Hyperlocalism changes email content

Consumers don't just want to be another number for the brands they follow. Instead, they want to feel valuable and have content that is targeted to their needs. This ethos is at the core of hyperlocalism, a trend that's been gathering steam in the past but will be just as valuable in 2016. 

The trend involves taking the concept of a target audience and refining this group even further, resulting in small but passionate communities that get excited about a specific brand or product. 

Email marketing lists are a key contributor to the success of this trend, as they enable businesses to narrow down audiences, helping them to find the people that will be most excited by their content. 

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