Using email lists can help you target your marketing efforts

On April 11, 2017

There are many reasons why companies today use email marketing for reaching out with customers and building relationships. It's fast, efficient and a great low-risk way to test the waters and see who might be interested in your brand. It's not easy to get started, though. You first have to grapple with a key question – whom should I be writing to, anyway?

You may want to consider acquiring mailing lists that will help you target your next marketing campaign.

You can't achieve email marketing success by mailing just anyone. Your strategy must be predicated on the idea that results come from writing to the right people. With this in mind, you may want to consider acquiring mailing lists that will help you target your next marketing campaign. For a small investment, you could see a big uptick in customer engagements and sales.

The benefits of using marketing lists

There are many advantages to using direct mailings rather than bland, untargeted advertisements for connecting with consumers. According to Business Queensland, one of the key benefits is it's easier to target specific demographics. If there's an age group or geographic area you want to focus on, you can write emails targeted directly at those groups to maximise results.

To pull this off, you'll need marketing lists. Once you have clear, reliable lists of which consumers are accessible where, you can use that information to reshape your marketing strategies and improve your results overnight. Purchasing a list is like making an investment – you're putting down a small payment now to reap major dividends later.

Once you have a mailing list in hand, you can use it to drive all sorts of communication with your customers. You might send them announcements of new products, information about discounts and deals or simple, friendly letters just to start conversation and build engagement. You're limited only by the bounds of your imagination.

Knowing the risks in email marketing

It's easy to see the appeal in marketing through email lists, but Smart Company cautions that there are drawbacks you need to be aware of. If you abuse your lists, you can get into various kinds of trouble. For example, sending people excessive messages might put you in violation of Australia's anti-spamming laws, and sending irrelevant emails might damage your brand by alienating customers.

Email users today are bombarded with spam.
Email users today are bombarded with spam.

For these reasons and more, Creative Development creative director Robert Steers emphasised that adhering to email marketing best practices is key.

"If you do decide to buy a list, which can work well for some people, remember that the best marketing is targeted, timely and personalised," Steers said.

Email marketing is a great tool if used correctly. The best campaigns provide real value in people's lives by giving them relevant information they can use right away. They also allow people the option to unsubscribe, just in case the messages they're receiving aren't what they're looking for.

Working with a list broker to maximise results

Have you decided to invest in email marketing lists for your next marketing initiative, but you're not sure where to start? Here's a tip: Connect with a professional list broker who can deliver exactly the names and addresses that can drive your business' success. For example, if you work with us at The Prospect Shop, we can give you access to all the commercially available data you need.

We have an extensive database of contacts you can use – and what's more, we're independent and impartial. Our lists aren't motivated by someone else's biases or business interests – instead, they're simply stacked with the most important contacts you need to have.

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