Getting past the mailroom: Three tips for B2B mailers that work

On June 6, 2017

When you market to individuals, your mailer will probably get into the hands of the intended reader. With B2B marketing, there are more gatekeepers between you and your target, and the higher in a company you want your mailer to go, the harder you have to work to ensure it reaches its destination. To get your message in front of the person you want to see it, your campaign needs to be clever and appealing. Here are three tips to help you get your direct mail opened:

1: Be different

Marketing strategist Jean Gianfagna recommends that you make your mailer unique and unconventional. This could mean big envelopes, small envelopes, boxes, tubes, novelty objects, packages that rattle – anything to differentiate from the boring letters your target receives every day.

A unique package will catch your prospect's attention before they've read a word of your pitch.

A standard DL envelope with a printed address label isn't going to garner as much excitement as a package, and if that package is unusually-shaped or hand made, then you'll catch your prospect's attention before they've read a word of your pitch. 

The downside of this strategy is the cost involved. Those standard DL envelopes have become the standard because they're cost-effective – but extra investment at this stage can pay off in an increased response rate.

2: Do your research

B2B marketing software developer Radius recommends you take a data-first approach to your campaign. Use the data you have on existing customers to identify your target audience, and then take advantage of a curated mailing list to make sure you're delivering to people who will get something out of it. The most unique, enticing mailer isn't going to work if it's not relevant to the receiver.

A targeted mailing list helps your mailer reach the right targets.
A targeted mailing list helps your mailer reach the right targets.

3: Don't just rely on direct mail

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool, but don't rely on it to do everything for you. Michele Fitzpatrick, Vice President Consulting at multichannel marketing company Harte Hanks, says that direct mail should always be used as part of a wider strategy that includes other avenues.

"If you're not thinking about the role of mail in that context, you're missing an opportunity," she says in an interview with The most effective campaigns are ones that combine physical mailers with digital assets in a way that lets each compliment the other. Send an email first that teases the upcoming delivery, or include a link or QR code in the mailer that leads to a unique landing page.

If you're planning a direct mail B2B campaign, get in touch with us here at The Prospect Shop. We have over 100 B2B mailing lists available, and we can offer you advice on how to make the most out of what direct mail offers.

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