Direct marketing has distinct advantages over other brand-building tactics

On February 23, 2017

One of the toughest things about building a successful business is getting the critical mass of customers you need to ensure a steady profit. Even if you have strong sales tactics and relationship-building skills, you still have to get that initial foot in the door – how will you first expose people to your brand and get them to consider your product?

People these days tend to tune out advertising, and you might be wasting your precious marketing budget dollars.

There is no shortage of possible ways, but a lot of the best-known methods are questionable at best. For example, are you really going to place an ad in a magazine in 2017? Even if it's a trade publication that's specifically geared toward people in your industry, that may not work. People these days tend to tune out advertising, and you might be wasting your precious marketing budget dollars.

The superior method – and this is especially the case in business-to-business marketing – is to go the direct route. Find the buyers you want, target them specifically and build client relationships in the most efficient way possible.

The benefits of direct marketing

Advertising in traditional media can work, conceivably, but it's not one of the more effective B2B marketing strategies out there today. According to Business Queensland, going the direct route is more likely to work for several reasons:

  • It's better for relationship building. People are more likely to be loyal to a company that singled them out and targeted them with personalised marketing messages.
  • It gives you a better feel for what works. When you target people with specific updates on your brand, highlighting different products and services, you can monitor your results and see which messages are most compelling.
  • It helps you share content. Everything you send – whether via email, social media or any other channel – is a shareable piece of content that readers can pass on to friends and family. This can help you spread the word.

Having said all of this, running a direct marketing campaign requires careful planning and a clear strategy for targeting the right people.

Getting your target list right

As direct marketing grows in popularity, business leaders are placing a premium on the ability to track down B2B marketing lists and target the companies on them quickly and efficiently. It's important to note, however, that this method isn't guaranteed to work via sheer brute force.

Conduct thorough marketing research and find the right targets.
Conduct thorough marketing research and find the right targets.

Smart Company advises that before you begin a new direct marketing campaign, you draw up a plan to map the market and break it down into digestible pieces. If you simply target every business in the world, your plans aren't likely to have the focus needed to get results efficiently. When carefully choosing target areas and going after them with purpose, you're likely to see better results.

The size of your business is a key consideration here. If you're running a large enterprise, then maybe you can afford to cast a wide net and pursue almost everyone; with a smaller business, you need to be strategic about chasing only the number of customers you can realistically serve. When your quantity is limited, make sure quality is good.

We can help get you started

Once you decide that direct marketing is the right strategy for you, it's important to begin that process right, which means going after the best possible leads. At The Prospect Shop, we are happy to help you find them.

We have an extensive array of database lists you can use to get your marketing campaign started. Talk to us right away about the type of marketing you're doing and the tools you need to begin. Chances are, we'll be able to help.

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